Each training course or program contains lessons, challenges, and assignments that will help develop self-study skills and practice for the SABER 11 Tests.

  • The results of the tasks carried out will be delivered to the sponsors and to the schools on special reports so that they can follow the training process and the impact of their beneficiaries.


The training programs are monitored every six months, evaluating the results through the following indicators:

  • Basic Learning Rights (DBA).

  • Cross-cutting socio-emotional skills.

  • Basic transversal skills.

  • 21st century skills, among others.

What is it?

It is an application of courses for children and young people in vulnerable and marginalized rural and urban areas.


It is made up of adaptable modules for children, youth and adults, each of them has:

  • 1 or more modules of up to 15 lessons each.

  • Up to 10 questions with multiple answers and 1 open question.

  • Audios, gifs and images than can be either provided by you or our creative team can adapt it, corresponding to the content (Word / PDF) and logos (JGP / PNG) that you provide.

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