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O-lab app

The offline training application that allows you to digitize your content, train your target group and measure the impact of your projects.




Works Online / Offline.


Works on low-cost devices

with Android operating system.


Create your own courses and training programs.


Stimulates the development of 21st century skills and digital literacy.


Provides reports with detailed achievements on your project.

Virtual guide

Tutor adapted to your local language (including indigenous languages).

Easy access

Intuitive interface tested in children and young people from vulnerable and marginalized communities.


Project-based methodology and clear results.

Upload your content

For your beneficiaries

With our O-lab technology you can digitize your programs, teach and measure the impact of your projects.

On our platform

You will be able to manage the contents, in addition to providing reports and impact analysis.

Each module must have:

The age range your module is aimed at.

Theme image

Entity's logo

Module name.

Course description

Tutor's name.

Tutor's e-mail. 

Contact us and wait for the access code via e-mail within 10 business days to enter the content management platform.

Tutor photo

Each lesson should have:

  • Lesson name

  • Pedagogical objectives

  • Description

  • Materials

  • Lessons


Accompanying audios for each lesson.

You can also sponsor a school or community to access digital education!

Contact us:

The life of a young person at risk could take a different path if we work together.

$150,000 COP/ Year

$ 50 USD / Year

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Vanessa Rosero

Commercial Director

Tania Rosas

Founder and CEO

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